Midtown East Acupuncture Reviews

AMAZING! I love Midtown East Acupuncture. Christine is amazing and really wants to help you and fix the issues at hand. Definitely recommend!
— Kimberly J
Amazing! I had a wonderful session and learned so much about how my body as been operating. I loved how much time she spent getting to know my history in the beginning. I was so relaxed by the end. Can’t wait for my next session!
— Sarah M.
I feel my best! I’ve been seeing Christine for over a year now. Following her nutritional advice and treatments, my allergies and asthma have been completely controlled without medication for a year. Christine is compassionate, a great listener, and during the last year she’s proven to be a reliable partner for me to develop my best health.
— W.M.K.
Benefits I never expected! I came at the recommendation of my Pilates teacher for a knee injury I’d sustained from a fall. I have a lifelong fear of needles, but the pain in my knee was such that I was willing to try to overcome it. The relief was profound and immediate. Christine felt she could help with other issues that were of longer duration - GERD, post-nasal drip and more. Again, the results were amazing and I no longer need prescription meds. No need to fear needles, the treatment is gentle and even relaxing.
— J.A.