Midtown East Acupunture FAQs

If you have a question not answered on this list, contact us!

Q.  Once a treatment is booked online, what are the next steps?

A.  The office will send you a link to complete new patient paperwork online.  Included will be a short email instructing you what to ideally wear and eat, before your appointment. 

Q.  Where do I park?

A.  Once you arrive at the Telephone Factory Lofts building, you may park in any open spot that indicates Telephone Factory Lofts Residents or Guests.  (painted on the parking spot).   On rare occasions the parking lot may be full, so you can park for free in front of the building on Ralph McGill Blvd.

 Q.  How do I get into the building?

A.  Please come to the main entrance facing Ralph McGill.  There will be a call box,  with a small sign to indicate our call box number.  Just dial Acupuncture, M under the Business Directory.  You will hear a buzzer that indicates the door is unlocked and you may enter.   You have a choice of taking the stairs to your immediate right up to the second floor or you may choose to take the elevator going to the left after entering the main door and follow the signs.  We are located in Unit 206.

Q.  What do you accept in terms of payments?

A.  We accept all credit cards and cash.  If you would like to use Venmo or Paypal, you may ask the front desk staff for instructions.  

Q.  Do you submit for insurance?

A.  At this time we do not submit directly to insurance companies for reimbursement.  However, we will provide a SuperBill, which is a medically coded document that can be submitted by you for reimbursement from your insurance company- providing your plan covers Acupuncture treatments.  Please check with your plan before asking for the SuperBill.

Q. What is the cancelation policy?

A. 24- Hour Cancellation Policy: Your appointment time is reserved specifically for you. If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. All appointments canceled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours advance notice will be charged 50% of the reserved appointment fee. 

Q. How long are the treatments?

A. The first visit will take one and a half hours. Each visit thereafter will take between 45 minutes and one hour.

Q. Is my privacy protected?

A. Your health information is required to be protected by the HIPAA Compliance and on arrival, you will be given a Privacy Policy information sheet. You have the right to read, and ask questions about your health and billing records.

Q. What does acupuncture feel like? Is it painful?

A. Acupuncture needles are very fine and flexible, about the diameter of a thick hair. In most cases, insertion by a skilled practitioner is performed with a minimum of discomfort. However, if the practitioner has obtained the correct stimulus of the needle, the patient should feel a dull ache, heaviness, distention, tingling, or electrical sensation either around the needle or traveling up or down the affected meridian. These sensations are the presence and movement of Qi. Despite these sensations, most patients find the treatments very relaxing and many fall asleep during the treatments.

Q. How many treatments are necessary and how often?

A. Because each patient's health problems and response to treatment are unique, the number and frequency of treatments vary. In general, acute conditions require less treatment than chronic conditions. For a patient with a disease of the internal organs, the trunk of the body, or an old, chronic injury, the recommendation is one to two treatments per week for two to three weeks.

Q. What are the main objectives of treatment?

A. There are three main objectives:

  • Relieve pain and other symptoms.
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Restore balance and harmony of the Qi in the body, making for a unified, healthy person.

Q. Is acupuncture practiced in American medical institutions?

A. Acupuncture has become universally accepted. It's being utilized in more and more hospitals, wellness centers, pain management centers, clinics (chiropractic, dental, medical, veterinary), and rehabilitation centers.

Q. What can I expect from an acupuncture treatment?

A. Each acupuncture visit will start with a brief discussion of your condition with the acupuncturist. You will then be asked to lay down on a massage table for the acupuncture treatment. Many patients experience good results from the first treatment.

Q. Is acupuncture safe?

A. In the hands of a licensed acupuncturist, your safety is assured. Acupuncture needles come sterilized, individually wrapped, and are disposed of after one use. There is no possibility of transmitting a communicable disease by a contaminated needle.

Q. What brought acupuncture to the United States?

A. In the early 1970's, American newspaper reporters covering President Richard Nixon's visit to China discovered a "miraculous" healing art virtually unknown in the U.S. The method immediately caught the American imagination. According to news reports, instead of using chemical anesthetics, Chinese acupuncturists were able to block the pain of surgery using only tiny acupuncture needles inserted into the patients. Even more astonishing, it was said that these simple acupuncture techniques in combination with herbs, relieved a wide variety of human illnesses, and had worked reliably as the only form of medicine in China for thousands of years.

This publicity brought acupuncture into great demand by Americans, many of them seeking a last resort remedy for serious afflictions. At that time, there were few trained acupuncturists in this country and the demand for treatment was impossible to meet. Today, more than 60 colleges throughout North America graduate some 1000 new acupuncturists each year.